What We Believe

CrossWalk Community Church | Statement of Belief

  • We believe in the Holy Trinity, the Triune God, consisting of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe Jesus Christ was the Son of God, born unto a virgin, and both fully human and fully God.
  • We believe Jesus Christ walked among us, teaching us and ministering to us.
  • We believe Jesus Christ was sentenced and crucified, and placed in a tomb, overcoming death and rising three days later.
  • We believe that Christ will come again, and that those dead in Him and abiding in Him will be risen up.
  • We believe that those who believe in Him and repent will be given life everlasting, while those who do not will be eternally lost.
  • We believe He was on earth.
  • We believe that it is a choice to believe in the Lord as Savior, repent of sin, and continually abide in Him. We believe this choice happens continually until the time of Judgement.

A full statement of belief, including further scriptural references and doctrinal notes can be obtained on request.